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We have released two brand new show-reels to exhibit the work the carried out during 2014 on behalf of our clients, as well as shots from a few personal projects. One show-reel is a combination of all types of videos put into one, and the second show-reel titled "Night-Life Promo" is a montage of night-life promotional videos VME has produced. View videos below.


Welcome, and Thank You for Visiting Our Website

Thank you for visiting our website. Take a look around, and feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries. This website is brand new, so make sure to check back regularly for updates.



Thank you for visiting our website. Visionary Media Enterprise (VME) is a visual production company based in Birmingham. We specialise in night-life photography and videography, producing some of the best promotional videos and highest quality photos in Birmingham. Our business is to make your business thrive online, and online video marketing is one of the best methods to increase sales, increase brand awareness and gain a following on social media. We also work in partnership with community organisations to deliver training workshops and offer on the job learning experience to aspiring professionals. Visit our portfolio
Video Production
We offer a variation of video production services, specialising in Night-life videography and Promotional on-line adverts for businesses. We focus all our efforts on high quality, engaging content, and excellent customer services. View our portfolio Here
Web Development & Social Media
Our Web Development and Social Media Services are targeted towards businesses & organisations that really want to take advantage of the true power social media has. Do you understand the advantage you have over competitors if you're regularly engaging with clients and potential clients through the web?
Every production company claim they offer high quality, but really they don't. Our material speaks for itself, clean, sharp images at high resolution. We plan and pre-pare creative shoots to suit each individual client needs. Creating true eye capturing images.
Media Training
We are not just the typical production company, our whole ethos was built around community value. We offer training programmes and work experience to young people. Our courses have been designed around Project Based Learning, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, and Self Education. Read more HERE

Client Testimonials

Rhys Stocks (COY) - An absolute pleasure to work with. They took my few ideas that i wished incorporated into the videos and expanded them into an extremely polished product. Not only are they polite as a team, but also punctual. It sounds like a minor thing but no hand-holding is required. They come in, do the job required, and leave, no fuss, and happily the end result is incredible. Can't recommend enoughRhys Stocks
Martin Beech - Vme have done a great job of my website and Facebook page will continue to use themMartin Beech
Marcus Clarke (Nocturnal Birmingham) - VME have produce all of our branding and marketing material like flyers and posters and we are more than happy! They have also created our online marketing videos, event photography and video coverage. Will continue to use them for sure.Nocturnal Birmingham